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Chopped strand mat is a flake felt made of glass fiber after a short cut, which is randomly and unevenly paved and bonded together with adhesive. The product has good compatibility with resin (good soaking, easy to defoaming, less consumption of resin), easy construction (good uniformity, easy application, good adhesion with mold), high moisture retention rate, good laminating light transmittance and low cost. All kinds of glass fiber reinforced plastic products such as sanitary ware, anticorrosive winding pipe, storage tank, ship, seat, building, hull, bathtub, cooling tower, anticorrosive material, vehicle and so on are also suitable for continuous glass steel tile units. The products are characterized by 1, resin penetration speed, good mold performance, easy to eliminate bubble 2, fiber and binder distribution evenly, no hairiness, stains and other defects, 3, products with high mechanical strength, high wet strength retention rate, 4, high tensile strength, reduced production process tear phenomenon, 5, laminated board smooth surface, good transparency, 6, thickness uniformity, no stains and other defects 7, hardness is moderate, easy to completely soak, products less bubbles 8, fast soaking speed, good process, fiber good erosion resistance, 9, good mechanical properties.
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