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Wenzhou Ziqiang chain bag equipment factory, established in 1995, is a multi-purpose packaging bag zipper with many years of research, production and since its inception. It always adhered to the principle of quality first, customer first and continuous innovation. PE clip chain.PP clip chain.EVA clip chain.PVC clip chain. Vacuum double zipper. Zipper. Zipper. Zipper. Plastic zipper head. The main products of our factory are: composite packaging PP, PE zipper series; garment bag zipper series; zipper bag zipper series, handbag zipper series; mail bag zipper series; gas-liquid sealing bag zipper series; sticky bag zipper series, bonder series. Production line: zipper laminating machine,.PE chain clamping equipment,.PP chain clamping equipment,.EVA chain clamping equipment,.PVC chain clamping equipment, chain clamping machine, zipper attachment mechanism bag machine. All kinds of plastic pull heads. Adhere to the high starting point, high standard and high demand guidelines. The introduction of advanced production equipment, because of its non-toxic and easy to use, widely used in food, medicine, textiles, clothing, electronics and other printing industry. Products are sold all over the country and exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States. Our factory can develop new products according to the needs of customers. Japan's technology, advanced equipment, production through-train service! Warmly welcome customers to negotiate!
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Contact:   Zhuang Xu Su
Addr:        Zhejiang Wenzhou Pingyang County Pingyang County C 8 District shoe town