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Hangzhou TONG MAO textile Embroidery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale production and processing enterprise integrating product development, marketing and manufacturing. Our company has accumulated rich experience in R & D, production and processing of garment fabrics and embroidery for many years. The professional items include all kinds of medium and high grade fabrics and all kinds of embroidery, such as cotton, knitted, coating, lace, special embroidery, sequins, etc. Since its establishment, the company has established a good corporate image with excellent product quality, honest and trustworthy style and excellent technical support. Our products are constantly improving, and the quality is improving. We always adhere to the "unity, innovation, integrity and win-win" style of work, and sincerely invite people from all over the world to cooperate sincerely. The company culture is the most solid foundation of any organization. Innovation is the core competitiveness of contemporary enterprises. Honesty is the foundation of human development. Win win win - a person's profit is not successful, a total of profits can be successful!
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Contact:   Wang Zong
Addr:        Xiaoshan District, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang