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Founded in 2010, we are a new building material enterprise specializing in selling glass fiber yarn and glass fiber products, unsaturated polyester resin, FRP composite materials, plastic products and other chemical raw materials and polymer composite materials. The company employs domestic professional marketing management consultants and a group of highly qualified academic and technical personnel, and has a mature and stable marketing channel and market network. At present, the company has reached strategic cooperation with the leading enterprises such as giant stone group and Kaidi chemical industry. It has catered for the development of the western market with its professional product advantages and logistics and transportation advantages. The products are mainly exported to the western regions of China, such as ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", "and". We are widely used in the production and construction of all kinds of materials such as profiles, pipes, chemical preservative, sanitary ware, household appliances, aerospace, artificial stone, handicrafts, flame retardants and so on. We will always adhere to the core concept of "integrity management, innovation and development, win-win cooperation and customer first". Through unremitting efforts, we will build our company into a new type of building material enterprise with advanced scale, advanced technology, scientific management and first-class products in the Western China. The main products are: raw materials: glass filament winding yarn, transparent yarn, reinforced yarn, checkerboard, grid cloth, unsaturated polyester resin, curing agent, accelerator, PE polyester film and so on. Composite material series: glass fiber reinforced plastic extruded profile, FRP pipe, FRP lighting tile, cable protection tube, PE gas pipe, PE water supply and drainage pipe, HDPE winding pipe, permeable pipe network, artificial stone and so on.
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