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Shanghai Quan Shen washing equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of washing and ironing equipment for a long time. Provide brand washing and ironing equipment to customers at home and abroad: environmentally-friendly GXP series full closed computer clothing, leather dry cleaning dual-purpose machine, environmental protection product GXSY series oil dry cleaning machine, GX series frequency conversion speed automatic dry cleaning machine and common type automatic dry cleaning machine, XGQ series variable frequency full suspended washing dual purpose water washing machine and washing drying washing machine, ZHG series automatic drier, YPI series automatic ironing machine, and series of ironing, removing stains, packing machines and other equipment. In order to meet the needs of the market, the mini type dry cleaning machine has been developed and produced. In particular, in the course of development, we have launched a number of leading high-tech products that are in line with the requirements of the national environmental protection requirements: the totally closed computer clothing and leather dry cleaning dual-purpose machines. The product was checked by experts at the national level in 2002, and experts were identified: it is the first domestic product and is in the leading position of similar products in China.
The company has rich experience in scientific and Technological Development and strong technological development strength and potential. Every year, new products with high technology content are put on the market. In cooperation with foreign famous professional washing equipment companies (such as Korea), the spirit of the above level, upper grade, upper scale, high quality, high technology and high quality has been innovating and innovating year by year. With more, newer and better environmental products, we can meet consumers' constantly updated needs.
The company adopts and implements the WTO international management mode, has passed the ISO9001.2000 series of international quality management system certification, and adheres to the quality of survival, quality development and tree quality. The product is recommended by the consumer protection fund of China as a consumer trustworthy product. It is well received and trusted by the majority of users.
The company is a member of China Light Industry Machinery Association's clothing and washing machinery Specialized Committee. National Garment machinery, washing machine standardization committee member, trade expert unit. In 2002, honors were rated as high and new technology enterprises.
The company's product quality and service objective: "superior performance, beautiful appearance, perfect service, to provide customers with safe, reliable and satisfactory washing and ironing equipment". Customer satisfaction is the starting point and destination of the company, and continuous improvement is the eternal pursuit of all employees.
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