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 Yiwu gold ornaments Brand
Business Model
The jewelry factory integrates development, design, production and sales in one body, honest customers, professional talents, advanced equipment, sophisticated technology, design, proofing, and continuous innovation.
Main products: clothing accessories, craft jewelry design, imitation antique ornaments, alloy ornaments, accessories for shoes and hats, hand woven ornaments, crystals, diamond accessories, fine ornaments and exquisite signboards.
Clothing series: clothing chain, crystal drill chain, acrylic drill chain, alloy chain, pearl chain, bead chain, hand woven chain belt, fashion tag, metal zipper head, shoe flower, shoe buckle, cuff button, bra button, chain buckle, lobster button, fashion buckle, handcrafted button, craft button, napkin button, dress trademark, fine sign.
Accessories series: headwear, hairpin, earrings, necklace, brooch, brooch, scarf, hand ornament, ring, ring, waist chain, waist belt, foot ornament, silica gel bracelet, mobile phone accessories, lovers jewelry, pet accessories...
Boutique decorations: office tables, car accessories, pendants, tableware accessories, bread clips, cosmetic accessories.
Electroplating technology: ancient bronze, ancient red copper, ancient silver, silver, imitation gold, white K, imitation white gold, nickel, copper, electricity non-toxic treatment.
Business Diamond: SWAROVSKI crystal diamond, import Austria drill, import Czech drill; import Middle East 768 drill, national water drill, Taiwan acrylic drill; clothing hot drill, hot piece... Related products are specially designed for large garment enterprises.
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Contact:   Golden Square Root
Addr:   China   China   541#, Jiangdong Middle Road, Yiwu