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Zunan Cheng is a professional company engaged in the design, development and construction of parking lots, road traffic safety facilities, transportation facilities, hot-melt marking, water horse, iron horse, wide-angle mirror, deceleration belt, parking lock, sign, road cone and other related products. Our company is constantly improving and innovating in the process of development. The product has gone from single to series, and has accumulated rich experience in design, production and assembly. 主要生产: 停车场产品:停车场、停车位划线、通道划线、岗亭、道闸、智能道闸、广角镜、凸镜、减速带、车位锁、钢管定位器、挡轮杆、标牌、定位器、护墙角、防撞块防撞夹、防撞胶、伸缩隔离栏、防护桩、环氧地坪 道路安全产品:交通设施、热熔标线、冷涂划线、栅栏、单力柱、波形梁、护栏、道路划线、水马、铁马、隔离水马、隔离铁马、塑料隔离栏、防护栏、道钉、防撞桶、防眩板、路锥、PE路锥、橡胶路锥、伸缩路锥、隔离墩、警示柱、弹力柱、反光膜、标线带、路桩、轮廓标、指示灯、信号灯应急灯、节能灯、交通信号灯、太阳能黄闪灯、爆闪警示灯、LED电子导向牌警示灯、梅花灯、圆头灯、道路施工牌、交通安全标志牌、太阳能轮廓灯、太阳能标志牌 防护产品:安全帽、伸缩护栏、一米线、 安全服、车身贴、反光衣、反光带、护栏带、警示 Belts, boxes, guardrail belts, warning strips, reflective adhesive chains, A cards, and cloth polyester safety warning belt products have been well received by industry experts and have been widely applied to the main transportation system of cities across the country. The company provides the best solution and products for customers with leading technology and practical services. "Zhi Cungaoyuan, accumulate thick and thin", zungang Cheng, the staff in good faith, based on innovation and distance, to provide customers with assured products, satisfactory services, comply with the trend of China's traffic parking safety facilities industry, so that everything can happen outside our traffic away from us, to make our society more beautiful and harmonious. Comply with the traffic laws and regulations, and ensure the safety of the whole nation. We will work for you in a unified way: 0755-21630852 Fax: 0755-81755701 straight mobile phone: 15099902793 QQ:1120713042 1365357938 mail box: contact: Mr. Chen, Miss Li, factory address: Buji, Shenzhen.
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Contact:   Zhu Lin
Addr:        Guangdong Shenzhen Longgang District Buji Sakata Masa Industrial Zone