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Business Model
The all day department store was founded in 2003. Its predecessor was a sought after commodity dealer. Our firm is a comprehensive wholesale trading company which integrates processing, agency and direct selling. Our firm manages daily commodities, cosmetics, accessories, craft gifts, toys and so on. Our firm is committed to finding new products from the market. Odd deal. Stock disposal. One yuan special price. Two yuan special price. Ten yuan, three samples and other small commodities with selling points. They are special stores, supermarkets, boutique houses, office supplies stores, campus convenience stores. Daily grocery stores provide abundant products and sound distribution methods. With the aim of "having new products every day, the lowest price in the market", meet the needs of the wholesalers, with the aim of rich products and quality after-sales service, we welcome the praise of new and old customers.

Solemnly declare: the following is our company designated special remittance account, such as account number and page account inconsistent, please call 15967997026 to prevent deceived.

Payment method

Click to pay agricultural bank of China
Card number: 955998038002085881
Account Name: Huang Xiuqin
Opening address: Agricultural Bank of China Zhejiang Yiwu Market Branch
Card number: 6222305079407716 (no fee)
Account Name: Huang Xiuqin
Opening address: ICBC, Shang Yuan sub branch, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

China Construction Bank
Card number: 146364998011008411
Account Name: Huang Xiuqin
Opening address: China Construction Bank, Yiwu new market branch, Zhejiang

CCB free account fee: 6227073350370301
Account Name: Huang Xiuqin

Postal Savings
Card number: 622188338001285881
Account Name: Huang Xiuqin
Opening address: Yiwu Yuyuan Road savings office

Account number:
Account Name: Huang Xiuqin

In addition, if you have any questions, you can consult our QQ customer service hotline. The QQ hotline is visible on the left side of the following website.

The following is our company's website:

Yiwu all small commodity wholesale network
Yiwu all small commodity trading network
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Contact information
Contact:   Xiu Qin Huang
Addr:        Zhejiang, Jinhua, Yiwu, China Zhejiang Yiwu City, China Commodity City, 416 Garden Road