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   Palerb life Menswear

Palerb palerb From the German classic classic casual wear brand, it has been leading the European travel and leisure culture, inspired by the "road movie" driven by German photographer and director Wim Wenders (Wim Wenders). The clothing style has distinct European continental customs, artistic inspiration and German leisure characteristics. Palerb pepper It has accumulated the real inspiration of the German travel photographer over the past 30 years in Europe. Every season's clothing of Pu Pu Lu simulates the personal experience of the photographer in the journey, and uses the clothing series and photography art to convey to the customers perfectly with a rational and casual artist's taste.

Palerb palerb At the beginning of its birth, it was specially designed for outdoor travel and photographers club in Germany. It has become a German outdoor leisure wear brand with artistic creation and spirit of freedom. It is famous for its European and American market. Taking photography and tourism as a carrier, advocating a real, casual, artistic and rational way of life has achieved the brand culture of Peru's perseverance.

                                                                           Palerb palerb Brand customer positioning

Palerb palerb Pay close attention to the lifestyle of men with a focus on quality of life. They are committed to the products of comfort, fashion and quality, and create a new model for the urban elite (30-50 years old).

Palerb palerb Together with JEEP, the product style of Marlboro was ten years ago. Since its promotion in China in March 2009, it has opened nearly 200 specialized shops in 21 main provinces, regions and cities in 4 years. The momentum of development is swift and violent.

At present, the main shopping malls in China (such as Wangfujing, Parkson, Yintai, Jin Ying, etc.) have positioned Palerb as a "big leisure men's clothing" or "city casual men's clothing". Generally, Jeep, Hush Puppies, Camel active, SCOFIELD, BIEMLFDLKK, Nautica, Lacoste are placed on men's floor. Different from fashion casual wear (JACK JONES, GXG, peacebird, etc.) and sports, outdoor casual wear.

Palerb palerb Advocating "comfortable and breathable cotton culture".

Palerb uses soft and breathable cotton clothing as " Palerb pepper The core of clothing products. Strict use of the "best cotton fabric" for tailoring is the unchangeable tradition of Palerb clothing. Cotton has the characteristics of comfort and warmth, wind protection, sun protection, sweat absorption, quick drying, breathability and water absorption.

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