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About Hiroshima 1. becomes a member of Hiroshima. It can become a Hiroshima member if it is full of $1500 (single inflation and discount price calculation) in any Hiroshima shop. We will enjoy the following preferential benefits: you can purchase 15% off of the value goods, and purchase 30 percent off or less of the goods. You can also enjoy an additional 5% off discount. The first month is the first time to receive the latest Hiroshima products and discount information from email. 2. after sale service, we assure you that if the customers are not satisfied with the quality of the goods purchased, we will provide a three day replacement guarantee. Customers can bring the same shopping documents and unused goods within three days to any branch for a new identical or other commodity. (if there is a price difference, the customer needs to make up the difference), the three month free maintenance service * * any goods purchased by the company can enjoy a free maintenance period of three months, and customers only need to bring the shopping documents to any branch store. The scope of maintenance does not include any direct human loss, such as skin rags, flower marks, stains, decolorization or pen stains. Customers are requested to check the goods clearly. After all, after the maintenance period, we can still repair our company's handbags, and charge only a small amount of administrative expenses. Shop colleagues will first inform the customer of the possibility of successful maintenance and the amount of maintenance costs, and the customer can decide whether to give it to the company for maintenance. It depends on the supplier's raw material supply to decide whether the goods can be maintained. If there is any dispute, the company will enjoy the final decision-making power.
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