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"Dragon Ze clan", as the name suggests, brings together the top babies, children and children in China and abroad. Clothes & Accessories Brand. After more than ten years of pioneering and innovation by our sales elite and brand experts, we have become a marketing company specializing in brand service and promotion with a sound operation mechanism and a huge business system.

The company is now a single brand franchise, monopoly, multi brand franchise is the main form of cooperation. At present, there are 259 franchisees in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

We attach importance to the enterprise ecological environment circle, taking into account the interests of the three parties, namely, the brand dealer and the retailer. Through strict market research and brand research, we have constantly introduced the popular first-class brands for children. Paying special attention to the role of the hub project, analyzing the macro market objectively and comprehensively, integrating multiple brand resources, providing comprehensive store operation services for retailers, guiding innovation management and minimizing risks.

We are relying on the strong business development in East China to spread to the whole country. Children's wear Market, and strive to be the most competitive children's clothing sales company in the country.

Welcome Jiang, Zhejiang and Shanghai to join our business knowledge and develop our business together.

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