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Shanghai Ya Jin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of electronic balances and weighing instruments. Founded in 1998, the company mainly produces and sells all kinds of industrial, commercial weighing instruments and weighing system products. Since then, the company has been constantly improving its business philosophy and social value, and striving to serve mankind with the fastest speed and the largest range. We have established good cooperative relations with more than 100 distributors around the world. In 2002, the absorption of foreign capital was transformed into a Sino foreign cooperative enterprise, and it had many years of win-win cooperation results. Paying attention to the needs of customers is the starting point of our service. Users need more than just products, but a solution integrating product, application and service. As a provider of analytical, testing and weighing solutions to the laboratory, industry and business environment, Shanghai Asia Electronics is fully interpreting the promise of "satisfying every user" with its excellent products, proper application and considerate service. Users who meet different industries, applications and needs are always the coordinates and surpassing power we strive for. 公司主营产品有:电子秤,电子汽车衡,全电子地上衡,电子磅秤,电子地磅,电子小地磅,电子吊钩秤,无线电子吊秤,直视电子吊秤,电子计数秤,电子计重秤,电子高精密度台秤,电子台秤,非标电子台秤,机电结合秤,叉车秤,堆高叉车、液压叉车灌装秤,电子精密天平,电子天平等国内外知名品牌秤.部分品牌:西特天平、宏力地磅、梅特勒-托利多电子秤、普瑞逊电子秤,科迪电子秤,寺冈电子秤,英展电子秤、友声电子称、霸王电子秤、宇权电子秤、龙腾电子天平、上海精密天平、赛多利斯天平、普利赛斯天平、AND电子天平等;另办公产品类有文件柜、零件柜、整理箱、工具箱等。 Variety and price concessions! We warmly welcome domestic and foreign merchants to cooperate with us and create prosperity together.
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