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Dongguan Yue Xiang water treatment equipment company ( is a company dedicated to the development and sale of water treatment technology. It manufactures and sells all kinds of high quality water treatment equipment and equipment, undertaking all kinds of water treatment engineering design, installation, maintenance and related technical services. Its headquarters is located in the world factory - Dongguan. We have a large number of water treatment companies, deionized water, ultra pure water equipment, ion exchange water purification equipment, pure water equipment filtration equipment, ultrafiltration equipment, waste water reuse, direct drinking water reuse, sewage treatment, softening water treatment, reverse osmosis equipment cooperation with you. With advanced technology, perfect management and excellent service, it is based on the water treatment industry, providing users with various water treatment products and services with the spirit of honesty, rigor, truth-seeking and innovation. Planning and promotion: Dongguan advertising company

We can provide water treatment products and water treatment technology The products we can provide: all kinds of water purification equipment - ultrafiltration equipment - soft water system, -RO RO equipment, -EDI ultra pure water equipment - ion exchange equipment - water reuse equipment - water treatment filter - boiler softening equipment - waste water treatment and reuse treatment equipment - factory direct drinking water equipment - purified water equipment - ground water treatment equipment and other water treatment systems, all kinds of water quality monitoring instruments, water treatment filters, consumables and accessories, Hydranautics, DOW, DESEL membrane and components, all kinds of chemical pumps, magnetic drive pumps, metering pumps, centrifugal pumps, all kinds of central air conditioning and boiler water treatment agents, all kinds of standard water reuse systems, various bioengineering, biological extraction and concentration equipment.

  我们水处理设备产品的应用领域The fields our products applys:所有中水处理,中水回用系统;废水污水零排放系统;电子行业生产用水如单晶硅半导体、集成电路块、显像管、LCD、玻壳、光学玻璃镀膜、光电子及光纤等工艺用水、超纯水;制取PCB、FPC工艺所用高纯水;电池(蓄电池,锂电)电镀生产工艺所用纯水;汽车、家用电器等产品表面涂装、五金行业清洗用水;制取饮料行业的饮用纯净水、蒸馏水、矿泉水;酒类生产白酒勾兑用水、啤酒行业所用纯水等;制取医用大输液、注剤、针剤、生化制品用水、医用无菌水、人工肾析及保健品用水;制取热电厂、火电厂发电锅炉所需除盐纯水;石油化工、化学药剂、精细化工及纺织漂染工艺所需除盐软化水;电子、电力、化工、医药、食品饮料、纺织漂染、玻璃等行业水处理设备。

We can provide water treatment services The services we can plrovide: raw water quality analysis, water treatment process technology and engineering design, water treatment project investment report, feasibility analysis, water treatment system installation and commissioning, water treatment technology consulting, engineering construction services, reverse osmosis equipment maintenance, cleaning, maintenance and after sale service, water treatment technology training, water treatment engineering construction management and technical supervision, water treatment equipment tracking service, reverse osmosis membrane cleaning, a variety of water treatment parts change and maintenance.

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