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Located in Jinxiu Jiangnan and ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, Nanjing quick effect science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a strong R & D team consisting of elites of electronic engineering, material testing, computer analysis, chemical manufacturing and mechanical manufacturing. It is also engaged in R & D, production and sales of metal testing and analytical instruments, and is a well-known high-tech and high growth two high type enterprise. In strict accordance with the ISO.9000 quality management system, the company strictly controls the quality, guided by technological innovation, relies on its own strong R & D capability and the cooperation of the National Institutes and institutes. Based on many years of experience, it has accumulated many people's experience and concentrated on the research and development. The iron and water carbon silicon analyzer, the melting temperature measuring instrument and the RDW coal quality analyzer series have been launched. The products show the characteristics of high technology, excellent quality and good performance, and are well received by the majority of users. According to its own comprehensive strength, the company provides products with excellent performance to price ratio. At the same time, it shares close cooperation with other manufacturers of physical and chemical inspection equipment at home and abroad in the form of participation, cooperation and agency, providing customers with a comprehensive, diversified one-stop solution and thoughtful and meticulous quality service, so that customers can choose products to save worry and use products at ease. Nanjing rapid technology company pays great attention to brand building while developing at a high speed. The company insists on technological innovation, quality first, user foremost business philosophy, and strive to build first-class brand. We will continue to introduce high-quality, high-tech and cost-effective products to the market. We will, as always, repay the support and love of many customers throughout the country with high efficiency, quality and thoughtful service. Service commitment: free design solution, free training staff, free technical support product quality three packs, all-weather response.
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Addr:   [db: province]   [db: city]   No. 32 Chun Dong Road, Gaochun County, Nanjing