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Ai Ai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is a private high-tech enterprise specializing in the design, R & D and production of core products such as digital image processing technology, computer vision technology, pattern recognition technology, IP network transmission technology, audio and video codec technology, large scale high-definition audio and video distribution and switching technology. It includes intelligent visual analysis, machine vision, high-definition audio and video multi-media transmission, large-scale high-definition audio and video multimedia distribution and exchange. 86-755-26000104 [general machine] 86-752-5558382 [Chuan Zhen] 86-752-5558582 [Tencent QQ] 2592849 [company website] welcome consultation consultation!
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Contact:   Mr. Li
Addr:        Guangdong Huizhou Dayawan economic and Technological Development Zone