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 Hebei Xiangyu Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
In the production and processing, defective towels / two towels / stock backlogs / towels / stock tail goods towels / towels / towels / towel towels / grade two towels / extra grade towel / microfiber towel waste / inferior towels / feet towels] in order to meet customers' needs, we supply white towels all year round, mainly white towels, scarves, bath towels and defective products. We can also provide a certain specification of defective white towels, defective white scarves, defective white bath towels and so on. The ingredients are cotton and all new ones. Our factory always provides regular towels and towels. We are always in need of enterprises and distributors.
Main Products
Contact information
Contact:   Zhu Wei Xiang
Addr:        Ling Yang village, big hundred feet town