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Hangzhou Fuda soft door curtain factory led Europe essence, poly ethnic spirit, world Albert, in strong competitors in the same industry competition talent showing itself, the champion. Has now become the most powerful automatic doors professional production enterprises, soft door curtain. The main products are: soft curtain, PVC soft door curtain, transparent soft curtain, insect soft door curtain, antistatic soft door curtain, prevent arc soft door curtain, prevent ultraviolet ray soft door curtain, curtain, tolerance to low temperature cold soft door curtain, curtain, bathroom air conditioner special soft door curtain, partition soft door curtain, plastic soft door curtain, transparent soft door curtain, insect windshield the rain soft door curtain, senior PVC transparent soft curtain, can be widely used in food factories, chemical plants, electronic factories, textile mills, frozen plant, fire brigade, printing factory, supermarket, precision machinery, office and other various plant. The above products are in play: pest control, sound insulation, anti-static transparent Bi, bicycle running multi function. PVC transparent soft curtain is isolation system currently recognized, transparent, soft, acid and alkali resistance, adapt to the temperature difference, widely used in food and beverage, pharmaceutical, brewing, printing, textile electronic instrument, storage, cold storage, shopping malls, hotels, catering, entertainment and other industries of heat preservation and heat insulation, dust, fly prevention, noise reduction. Hand. In addition to the rapid door, automatic door, cold storage, curtain, transparent soft glass plate, soft glass, crystal board, mobile soft curtain, PVC carpet, S type non slip carpet, curtain, door bar fence etc.. Can be widely used in civil, industrial, commercial use with the door and a variety of public places. Rapid rolling door is a modern plant purification workshop effective protective door, specifically for industrial workshop entrance of blown sand and air conditioner barrier, logistics the frequent and rapid opening and closing, enhance efficiency and increase the quality of the environment of the design and manufacture, can completely replace imported similar products disadvantages of expensive and not easy to repair. The company can be customized according to user requirements, and provide installation and after sale service, with modern thinking, management techniques and equipment. Fidelity were Bingzhe "guided by the market, as the life, service as guarantee, customer satisfaction as the purpose" to the quality of the management policy, so that customers can enjoy our service reach the acme of perfection of customer service in the purchase of our product. Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit! I welcome you to visit, guide unit.
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Automatic door curtain, PVC soft door curtain, fast door, glass, soft
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