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Ruian Shengtai packing belt factory Brand
Business Model
The factory was founded in 85 years, with the main production of various machine for packaging (printing series), and bank special banknote belt. And leading the development and production of SD15/060812 type automatic packing with complete sets of production lines in China, set with reference to the Taiwan prototype design, sophisticated design, reliable quality. After the trial production factory for machine packing belt, quality, straightness, width, thickness, more than the national standard. Variety, complete specifications. And to undertake all kinds of special specifications for custom machine packing belt
Main Products
Packing belt equipment, packaging equipment belt, packing belt machine, transparent packing belt, automatic strapping machine
Contact information
Contact:   Wu Zhiqiang
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Ruian City Xin Cheng Zhen Xian Jia Ji industrial zone