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Business Model
Fang Qiang law firm is under the Shaanxi Provincial Department of justice law firm, specify the higher people's Court of Shaanxi Province The bankruptcy administrator. The current chair of many senior well-known experts in more than 60 people, 25 lawyers, in Commissioned agents 17, exercitation lawyer 13 people, staff of 10 people. This all characteristics of management, high-quality experts and lawyers, a good social reputation, good at litigation, legal advisory business, non litigation business investigation, business and intermediary services. To meet the social requirements for lawyer service quality, the regular organization of lawyers to communicate, sum up experience, and invited well-known experts to the lawyers for business training. The major difficult case A great social influence, the case, this will be customer requirements timely organization experts held seminars, and invited the media to report. The old lawyers have senior experts on individual or high Expert group under the guidance of delivering quality service to customers. The internal financial, real estate, bankruptcy, restructuring of state-owned enterprises, tax, debt settlement, marriage and family law service center and research department, focus on handling the relevant business. The uphold integrity, professionalism, proactive, rigorous service purposes, to provide quality and efficient legal services and intermediary services for all walks of life, the social from all walks of life at home and abroad, establish a good social image
Main Products
Criminal litigation, civil litigation, legal counsel, divorce consulting, real estate disputes
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Contact:   Ren Zili
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  Room 10, building A B Blum Plaza 126, Xiao Zhai Dong Lu