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Shanghai Dian Xun communication equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional production and sales of aluminum alloy frame alignment and parts of well-known enterprises, communication cable wire frame as auxiliary equipment essential for communication equipment room in the modern communication, it not only has the support of all cables, wiring and equipment to provide weight is provided at the top of fixed protection function, but also the beautification room the role of. Dian Xun aluminum alloy frame alignment is widely used in China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom, China Mobile computer room of the base station of the cable rack construction. Aluminum alloy frame alignment is a special product of the factory for telecommunications, mobile, Unicom, Netcom, Railcom operators of high standard room, machine station development. It has both the wiring management role, and support all the weight of the cable function. Cable, five type wire, wire and cable, pipe and cable erection necessary to achieve standardization of appliance. This product complies with the requirements of the Ministry of information industry, for the whole open bare frame (can produce closed frame alignment by aluminum profile and high quality steel plate). The material selection of high quality aluminum alloy, has high bearing weight, generous appearance, durability and other characteristics constant new. Suitable for horizontal, vertical and multi-layer separation cloth line occasions. Compact structure, large amount of wiring, expansion and subsequent engineering cloth line construction can be very convenient to achieve the "three line" separation. Take the installation size line frame can be provided by the users according to the actual situation to determine the flexible design room. Aluminum alloy frame alignment features: (1) the rack width of 200mm - 1000mm. (2) above average 300KG per meter load-bearing. (3) is divided into single and double closed frame alignment. (4) shelf interval adjustable: General 250mm 330mm hanging interval 1.5m - 2m. (5) column frame can be assembled by using general parts, the appearance is beautiful. (6) without drilling, without special tools, save labor and construction time. (7) can be installed on ceiling, ground support installation, can also be used as a ladder use.
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Walk the line frame, aluminum alloy frame alignment, room cable rack, communication rooms to walk the line, walk the line bracket parts
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Contact:   Chen Zhengguo
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Qingpu District Yinggang road Shanghai City, No. 453 (Hong Kong Lung International Building room 715)