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Xiongxian delta Offset Printing Company Limited Brand
Business Model
Delta offset printing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, is located in Xiongxian City, is the first company with offset printing equipment manufacturers, specializing in the production of advanced portable paper bag, refined packaging carton, beautiful color pictures, and a variety of tags, stickers and other. The four colour offset printing equipment advanced, so that your printed materials more perfect, more clear. Delta offset printing Co., Ltd. since its inception, has experienced from small to large, from weak to strong development process, over the years, received a very good social benefit and economic benefit, I set the company computer production, plate making, printing, laminating and die-cutting forming as a whole, for the timely delivery to provide a strong guarantee. Our company long-term professional engaged in research and development, production and sales all kinds of paper packaging, and not dry glue drawing and printing. My company in the market competition with strong strength, reliable quality, preferential prices and good reputation to win the trust of customers, and have good prospects. The main products are sold throughout the country, and our products have a good reputation. Is a trademark printing enterprises designated the province of Hebei, has repeatedly been rated as "product quality trustworthy enterprise", "Shou contract re credit units", "consumer trust units" etc.. In addition, the company in order to adapt to the changes and development of product requirements, continue to absorb and the introduction of advanced equipment and production technology, in order to ensure the sustainable development of the company, the past two years has introduced the technology of production line of paper cup production line and special process printing gold, silver cardboard, gold cardboard printing also will improve the paper packaging industry a grade, and laid a good foundation for our future development. The company's products to ensure quality, sincerely welcome all the friends, colleagues and the majority of users visit the guide.
Main Products
Wine product packing box, handbag, gift, medicine packaging box
Contact information
Contact:   Sun Jinpu
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Xiongxian Xiongzhou road Baoding City, No. 229 Xiongxian