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 China Zhejiang water cloth industry (International Group) Brand
Business Model
China Zhejiang water big cloth industry Co., Ltd. is a provincial enterprise unit. It is an export enterprise integrating the development, design, fixed-point production, inspection, sale and service of "water brand" famous brand products and "water tide" fine clothing. It has the right of self import and export and the production of modern and high quality fabric production plant: it can produce 200 thousand meters (pieces) or more of fabric (fixed point) production base every day. The "big brand" products sold by the state are the "famous brand products" cultivated by the relevant departments of the state. They are recognized by the China International Brand Development Committee and the international brand certification center of the United States. "Internationally renowned brands" are identified by the Asian economic and Trade Commission of the United States: "European and American markets recommend products". They are "famous brands of China", "China famous brands" and "China's quality trustworthiness and consumer trustworthy units" identified by the state quality assurance department. In 2004 and 2005, the "big brand" in the national quality news media and the public (reporters) large industry product evaluation activities.
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Contact:   Chu Hai Qin
Addr:        4, Keqiao, Keqiao, Zhejiang