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Business Model
Yiwu scarf net is currently the largest scarf online trade market in the country. The company mainly imports and exports business, and deals with incoming processing, processing, custom-made, compensation trade and so on. Our company has established a relatively stable customer base and sales network in more than 40 countries and regions, including the European Union, Hongkong, the United States, Japan, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The main export products are scarves, hats, gloves, belts, handmade garments and so on. Make things happen. The company has a large number of young and highly qualified professionals in foreign trade. They dare to work hard in the face of adversity and make progress in prosperity. They regard their needs as their responsibilities, take their career as their priority, and strive to do their job perfectly. Their high quality service and rigorous work style have won the general trust of customers, and have also brought about the prosperity of the company's business. It's great to have friends coming from afar. All the staff of the company wholeheartedly welcome our colleagues at home and abroad to join hands with us to jointly develop the domestic and international market share business. Wei
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Contact:   Mr. Zhu Wencheng (foreign trade department)
Addr:        Zhejiang Yiwu Zhejiang Yiwu city 11 lower 1 301 room