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Business Model
Wujiang Tianli spurt weaving mill, Suzhou name run textile Co., Ltd. is a silk textile group enterprise integrating production and trade.
Since its establishment, the factory has been paying close attention to the latest research and development trend of the latest product development and equipment in the field of silk, textile and clothing at home and abroad. It has been working with relevant universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad to continuously develop new products that meet the market demand, to market high-quality silk fabrics and all kinds of multi-functional products to meet the needs of customers at different levels and requirements, and to design and produce different kinds of clothing and flour fabrics, various kinds of multi-functional products of various styles and styles according to customers' requirements, and to maintain close cooperation with many international brand garment factories (companies) at home and abroad. The company always adheres to the management concept of "quality first, customer first" and is well received by customers.
The factory sells and sells all kinds of garments, textiles, silk accessories, household textiles, functional fabrics and so on. Our products are widely exported to countries such as Europe, America, East Asia and other countries and regions. There are all kinds of cotton, polyester, cotton, polyester, nylon, interwoven fabrics and other kinds of thick surface accessories and all kinds of functional fabrics. The factory has import of all kinds of latest specifications and functions, home made jet loom and complete post-processing equipment, and has two factories producing all kinds of thick cloth and functional fabrics.
 产品涵盖整个服装,纺织,丝绸面辅料,家用纺织品,装饰品,功能性面料布等,具体有全棉(涤棉)布,各种工装(工作服)面料布,运动服面料布,春夏秋冬服装面料布,印花面料布,阳离子竹节(变色龙)家纺面料布,阳离子亚麻面料布,亚麻面料布,厚簿牛津布,牛津纺,各种箱包布,公路路基布(土工布),耐酸碱过虑布,香味面料布,抗菌面料布,防火阻燃面料布,防火阻燃绒布,防火阻燃帐篷布,各种规格遮光布(遮阳布),迷彩服面料布,军用迷彩布,防静电面料布,消防服面料布,防火阻燃隔热布,耐高温阻燃布,防水(防油)三防面料布,潜水服面料布,防水面料布,稀土自发光面料布,夜光面料布,荧光面料布,碳纤维抗拉力超高导电布,防辐射电磁屏蔽布,电磁屏蔽材料布,电磁屏蔽纸,防辐射电磁屏蔽墙布,防辐射电磁屏蔽窗帘布, 防辐射贵金属合成纸,防辐射电磁屏蔽膜,高性能导电布,高性能导电纸,防静电手套面料布,手套专用导电布,高性能触摸屏手套专用导电布,高性能防紫外线布,防辐射面料布,超高性能导电胶纸(膜),防核辐射面料布(含铅成分),防电磁辐射面料布(贵金属成分),银纤维防辐射面料布,孕妇防辐射服装面料布,炭纤维导电布,金属防辐射面料布,金属面料布,金铂布,金银丝装饰布,防火阻燃纱布,防火阻燃窗帘纱布,透明纱布,防水透明纱布,灯笼布,网格布,蔬菜大棚专用布,各种品质规格涂层面料布,PVC面料布,高密环保型永久防火阻燃遮光布,防火阻燃装饰面料布,防火阻燃窗帘布,防火阻燃沙发布,防火阻燃遮阳布,防火阻燃遮光布,隔音布,吸音布,阻燃隔(吸)音装饰布,汽车座垫布,汽车座套布,家纺床上用品专用面料布,投影幕布,银 Curtain, TV curtain, stage projection curtain, etc., can also produce various special specifications, quality and thick cloth fabrics and all kinds of hi-tech functional fabric fabrics according to customers' needs. The products are sold at home and abroad with strict quality control and preferential factory price, and are well received by all kinds of customer groups.
True to a quality, a price, a high quality service.
Our idea: to do high quality products, welcome to consult and contact.
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Hotline: 0512/61637788 13906255663
Company address: No. 40, E building, Dongfang silk market and kimono District, Wujiang, Jiangsu.
Factory address: Jinxiu Road, Shengze Economic Development Zone, Wujiang, Jiangsu
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Contact:   Zhang Xue Zhong
Addr:        Jiangsu, Wujiang, China Shengze Town, East silk market E 40 kimono District