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In order to meet the needs of consumers, ojiamei felt products factory has been renovated and expanded since the beginning of 2011, and the equipment has been renovated and upgraded. The wool felt production line was upgraded. The old equipment such as carding machine, flat coiler and hot pressing machine was replaced and the original workshop was reconstructed and expanded reasonably. Large scale maintenance and transformation were carried out to the wool scouring workshop, the down mill, the groove shop, the stamping workshop and the machine, so that the product quality is more stable and has market competitiveness. On the basis of the original, a more advanced CNC needle punched felt production line has been added, so that the quality and output of the product have been greatly improved. In order to cope with the constant growth and development of the daily felt products market, we have introduced machinery and equipment, and built laser engraving and sewing workshops, and established a good cooperative relationship with scientific research design units and related factories, so that our products and services can meet the needs of different customers.
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Contact:   Wang Shu Quan
Addr:        Hebei Xingtai Nangong City, China Hebei Nangong city Wangjia Village No. 61