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Volkham is the founder and leader of China 3D warp knitted spacer fabric. It is a professional and authoritative supplier of materials, supporting high-tech enterprises in OEM processing and finished products matching. The high tech Industrial Park of volkham cushion industry covers fifty thousand square meters and thirty thousand square meters factory building. The company adopts international advanced equipment and European Super resilient functional materials, specializing in the production of "national key new products" - 3D warp knitted spacer fabric, with a thickness of 3-30mm, specially for furniture, baby, automobile, Medical care Sports, and other high-end brand enterprises. The company has two research institutions and has obtained 8 patents. The first set up China 3D fabric testing standard Q/FLJB001-2007 and products are certified by international Oeko-Tex, SGS authoritative inspection agency and ISO9001 quality management system. 沃尔康公司五大实力: 国际同步创新 沃尔康公司:中国首创生产3D材料的“高新技术企业”(2007年底国家科技局评定); 沃尔康产品:“国际同步创新产品”(2008年国家科技部评定) 沃尔康产品:“国家重点新产品”(2009年初国家科技部、国家质量技术监督局等四大部委评定) 科技领先 中国3D第一人 获得8项专利 采用德国设备,中德合作技术 拥有二大研究机构,其中工程技术人员占35% 长期与两大高等院校合作,实现电子横移等五项软垫织造技术,电脑控制悬浮式整理技术,配备国际先进的TKS检测仪器,推动了纺织行业在这一领域的突破 配套齐全的生产线 配套完整的从织造、染整、定型、缝制、半成品、成品到检测全电脑一体化流水线生产,公司生产规模为年产量500万米。 With rich product lines, WALCOM has a wide range of product lines, including three series: materials, semi finished products, finished products, quality assurance, and ISO9001 quality management system certification. The first Chinese 3D fabric testing standard Q/FLJB001-2007 was established. Products are certified by international Oeko-Tex and SGS authority.
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