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Qingdao velvet's Velvet Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao garment industry base. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary registered by Qingdao Hao Yuan Group in 2010. It is a company specializing in the production of high-end jacquard flannel, goose feather cushion and velvet sofa. Since its inception, the company is committed to innovation and leading. With the concept of "leading the fabric trend and leading the international fashion design", the company has striving to bring the latest products and designs to customers with high standards and strict requirements. The company adopts environmentally-friendly green raw material TENCEL, which has beautiful luster and soft handle. It has unique silk touch, without any charge and can inhibit bacterial growth. The company not only has the world's leading production equipment, but also introduces Belgium's high-end technology and the world's most exquisite technology standards. The production of high density and high density flannelette pattern is rich, and the pattern cycle can reach 70 centimeters. The products are strictly checked by international authoritative institutions such as "national ecological textile quality supervision and inspection center" and "SGS". In the Belgian company, a technology R & D organization was established in Belgium, and a senior designer, Mr. Marc.Van.Hoe, was designed to blend European style classical simplicity with Chinese classical flavor. This reflects the modern people's pursuit of freedom, freedom and comfort. VELTEX is first class industry standard and star service. The world provides not only a kind of flannelette, but also a noble and luxuriant enjoyment, healthy and fashionable quality of life.
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Contact:   Dong Xie
Addr:        Shandong Qingdao Qingdao Jimo Songshan 3 Road