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 Jiande magneto Electronics Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Jiande magnetics Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded at the end of 2001, with the registered capital of 5 million. It is the largest professional manufacturer of magnetic products in China. Its main products are: magnetic black cholelike jewelry, magnetic black cholelike jewelry, magnetic magnetic jewelry, magnetic magnetic jewelry (magnetic neodymium iron jewelry), magnetic stainless steel jewelry, magnetic titanium jewelry, magnetic germanium accessories, magnetic toys, magnetic health products, etc. Magnetic ornaments series products are carefully researched and designed according to the principle that magnetic force lines pierce meridians and meridians of human body and regulate physiological functions of human body. Through the action of external magnetic field, it can promote blood circulation and strengthen metabolism.
Main Products
Finished shoes
Contact information
Contact:   Zhang long
Addr:        No. 14 Qiaodong Road, Shou Chang town, Jiande