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Our company is a technology innovation company that produces, processes and develops new products, new processes, new technologies and new functions of fabrics. Direct coating machine 12, all imported from abroad, producing versatile functional direct coating fabrics, and multifunctional transfer coating production line, used for production of waterproof and moisture permeable coating material for transfer method. The company has more than 100 square meters specialized for product research and development, raw material inspection, screening, application testing and product performance testing laboratory, and 50 square meters of product proofing laboratory. The company attaches great importance to the introduction of professional and technical personnel, and increases investment in technology research and development. After several years of efforts, the company has formed a R & D team with industry experts as the core of technology, which greatly enhanced the company's technological innovation, product innovation ability, and the ability to take orders from overseas, large number of functions, and high order. It has laid a solid foundation for the growth and sustainable development of the company. The factory's daily production capacity is 10 to 150 thousand meters. The direct coating products are: 1. waterproof and moisture permeable coating products (washable and environment-friendly). 2. flame retardant and antibacterial coating products. (3.) foreign industrial fabric coated products (Automotive). 4. home textiles flame retardant coating products. (5.) "pinhole closed" coating fabric for high-grade feather down. 6. foam coating products and so on. The transfer coating products are: 1. knitted fabric, elastic cloth transfer method, waterproof and moisture permeable coating product. (2.) polyester and blended transfer waterproof and moisture permeable coating products. Nylon 3. and its mixed transfer type waterproof and moisture permeable coating products. 4.. Other transfer methods. The calendering line, composite line, coating line, and Japan's Tianjin Tian Ju water jet loom, 12 all imported Taiwan coating machines, etc., and can provide all kinds of fabrics after finishing, mainly including: dry paper release film production line, the main functions of fabrics are waterproof, high humidity (hydrophilic, micro porous, wet, EN343), fluorescent (European EN471 and American ANS/ISEA107-2004), antistatic (EN1149), flame retardant (EN533/CPAI-84), bonding (TPU, PTFE, etc.), PVC calender, anti fleece, Teflon (NA-3P), UV resistant, moisture fast drying, far-infrared, cold resistant, rain proof, memory and other functional fabrics, product environmental protection, through OEKO-TEX100 certification. The company is well-equipped with modern and high precision. Our products are mainly used in clothing, bags, rain gear, tents, home textiles, and other industries. Our newly developed waterproof and moisture permeable fabric is also used to produce antibacterial, anti odor, UV resistant, flame retardant and other functional coating products.
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