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Shandong Fuying Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Ji'nan, a famous historic city, Quancheng. The company was renamed and registered in 2005 and has a registered capital of 20 million yuan, which is mainly engaged in R & D, production and sales of chemical preparation products. With the growing scale of the company, expanding the industrial field has become a new direction for the development of the company, and cellulose ether products, which are closely related to the chemical industry, have become a new investment project for the company. In response to the strategy of developing the western region and taking advantage of the regional advantages of Xinjiang's cotton producing provinces, in November 2011, the company reached a takeover agreement with Xinjiang golden Datong Cotton Industry Co., Ltd., and acquired all of its assets in cash contribution, and promised to provide reasonable arrangements for the existing 53 employees. In early 2012, the company invested more than 5000 yuan, and invested more than 30 acres of new land to invest in the construction of 2 cellulose ether production lines. Since then, the company has entered a new stage of development. After a year of intense construction, in March 2013, the production line of cellulose ether based on the international advanced production technology was officially operated, and the first batch of hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose entered the market in that month. In April, the company set up "building materials additives research center", which is responsible for the chemical analysis of finished products, the technical research of product varieties, and the construction performance test of finished products, etc., and established a perfect quality control system and testing system (its detection method is in line with international standard ASTH). By the end of 2013, the company had 106 employees, 25 kinds of scientific research and technical personnel, including 11 senior technical titles. The company covers an area of nearly 50 mu, with a building area of 18000 square meters. Products are expanding continuously, forming hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose and hydroxyethyl cellulose based industrial chain. Products are widely used in building materials, ceramics, coatings, daily chemicals, oil fields, agriculture, plastics and other industries. The product quality is stable and reliable, and won the praise from customers. On the basis of good reputation, the company has formulated a new development plan for 2014. In 2014, the target product was hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose: 3000 tons, hydroxyethyl cellulose: 1000 tons. In December 2012, in order to better develop the domestic market and solve the problem of inconvenient logistics transportation outside Shandong, the company is going to set up a storage and transportation center and a cellulose ether sales department in Ji'nan, capital of the province, to facilitate the transportation of goods and the development of the national market. In March 11, 2014, the Ji'nan storage and transportation center was put into use (an area of 5000 square meters), and the Sales Department of cellulose ether was also established on the basis of the original sales department of the head office. With the establishment of the Ji'nan storage and transportation center and the Sales Department of cellulose ether, the layout of the company's market development has basically been completed, and the sales network of Ji'nan has been launched across the country. Shandong Fuying Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. since its inception, always adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, create famous brands" business purposes, adhere to the "honesty, trustworthiness, excellence, customer first" business philosophy, consistent product quality as the life of enterprises, strict product quality management, to provide customers with high quality, qualified products.
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Contact:   Zhang Ping
Addr:        Huang Tai Electronic Commerce Industrial Park, Lishan North Road, Tianqiao District, Ji'nan, Tianqiao District, Shandong, Ji'nan