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Shanghai Tianling Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Nanxiang Industrial Park, the most promising industrial zone in Shanghai. The company occupies more than 3000 square meters. It is a comprehensive glass enterprise specializing in R & D and production of reinforced glass, baking glass, jade sand and other process glass, accessories and strengthening safety technology and equipment promotion. (1) after years of research and development, the company has made great breakthroughs in strengthening safety glass technology and has reached the leading level in China. The products we produce are good in temperature resistance, strong in toughness, stable in color, no odor in environmental protection, and easy to process in the later stage. They are a kind of safety, new and high quality decorative glass products, which have been widely recognized at home and abroad. In early 2007, the company's fist product, "Tianling", strengthened the safety glass into the Southeast Asian market successfully. He was committed to all kinds of environmentally friendly, safe and personalized glass products. He paid close attention to the development of the moving door industry and tried to provide quality, novelty, good quality and cheap products for the door industry. Welcome customers to call letters, inquiry, order! Two. After several years of R & D and practice, we have successfully developed the latest equipment with good quality, low price, less energy consumption, high output and easy operation. The company provides excipients, provides plant planning and decoration layout plan, provides technical training, guidance processing, and solves all kinds of common quality problems. For more details, please call for consultation.
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Addr:        Shanghai, Shanghai, China Jiading District, Shanghai, Nanxiang Town, 1888 Jinchang Road No. 29