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本公司是一家专门从事优质进口服装面辅料的加工及染厂,公司/工厂主要经营产品有:亚沙的(醋酸)平纹/斜纹/色丁里布(ACETATE TAFFETA/TWILL/SATIN P/D),尼龙亚沙的平纹/斜纹/双色斜纹里布(N/A TAFFETA/TWILL/DOBBY TWILL P/D),涤纶平纹/斜纹/色丁里布(POLYESTER TAFFETA/TWILL/SATIN P/D)/重身色丁/尼龙平纹里布190T/210T/230T/290T(NYLON TAFFETA P/D)以及各种牛津布涂层、压光/雪纺(CHIFFON)/雪纺印花/雪纺植绒/袖里绸(50%Polyester50%Viscose)涤纶人丝/涤纶人丝提花/涤纶人丝色丁/100%人丝平纹(斜纹)/100%真丝乔其/真丝色丁印花/真丝电力纺/TC布/100%全棉布/ 帆布/三醋酸面料/二醋酸面料及各种面料等。 At present, the company has all kinds of clothing, stock and stock in excess of 1 million yards, and it can meet all kinds of customers' needs at any time. Our company has a group of capable business people and management staff. In 2004, the turnover of the company exceeded RMB 40 million yuan. We have factories. Among them, Qin Zhong (Panyu) dyeing and finishing Co., Ltd. is a joint stock company of our company. The company has a number of leading international dyeing and finishing equipment. There are 8 sets of imported CNC fining machines and forty-three kinds of dye vats (25 sets of flat cylinders, 30 sets of high temperature cylinders), 8 sets of computerized control machines, 6 automatic packaging machines, and 3 advanced washing and desizing production lines, all of which are from South Korea. The factory has a strong production capacity, monthly dyeing and finishing of all kinds of clothing, up to 10 million yards. Under the close cooperation of various cooperation factories, quality products and smooth purchase channels have become the guarantee for our customers to provide quality services. In the aspect of product quality control, our company has established a perfect product quality control system, and has all kinds of product quality testing equipment, specially responsible for product quality control, and strict quality inspection for every batch of products. Our company can provide product testing reports to customers according to the requirements of customers. At the same time, we can also provide test reports of authoritative testing organizations such as ITS, SGS and China textile products testing and testing center at home and abroad. Customer first, timely delivery, quality assurance is the purpose of our company. Our company will focus on this purpose to serve our customers. We sincerely welcome customers to come to our company to discuss business at any time.
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Contact:   Miss Jiang
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