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南宁茂博位于古老而神奇的美丽壮锦之乡-南国绿城,销售中心主要为社会大众提供公路交通、企事业单位及小区物业停车场等部门专用的道路设施产品,如遥控车位锁、手动车位锁、汽车车轮锁、防盗锁车器、橡胶减速带、铸钢减速坡、钢板减速带、挡车器、挡轮杆、定位器、车轮止退器、方锥圆锥路锥衣、防护桩、防护栏、隔离栏、弹力柱、柔性柱、警示柱、凸面镜 安全广角镜、反光镜、道路镜、弯道镜、防撞桶、防撞块、防撞栏、直护角、圆护角、铝护角、水马、车身反光贴、标志牌、三角警示牌、破胎器、路沿坡、路锥灯、梅花灯、故障灯、反光衣反光背心、环形自行车架、反光晶格带、防盗罗丝膨胀螺栓、反光油漆、警示链、(护栏带、警戒线、燃气管道警示带 电缆标志带 排水管道警示带 光缆警示带可探测警示带)道闸、岗亭等产品及停车场划线配套 Facilities. Its products are sold to more than 600 main cities all over the country. The products have won the unanimous reliance and trust of the property developers around the world for their practicality, reliability and economy, and with high quality, low price and high quality service. The sales center strives to improve and strengthen the R & D, manufacturing, innovation and sales of traditional industries and combine with e-commerce to provide the best quality, safest and fastest service for our customers and consumers. There will be seamless connection between online services and offline services. Customers can only achieve instant service by simply clicking the mouse or making a phone call. With its strong sales network, technology and talent advantages, the sales center actively pursues the spirit of "self-improvement, innovation, quality and efficiency". It provides quality products and satisfactory services to customers through quality, reputation and market share.
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Contact:   Xiao Zhu
Addr:        South Garden Mall, 35 Baisha Avenue, Nanning, Guangxi