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 Shenzhen long run color printing machinery Co., Ltd. Brand
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Specializing in the production of universal printers, also known as product printers, can print all kinds of metal, ceramic, crystal, plexiglass, acrylic, PVC, PE, film, stainless steel, copper sheet, plastic, silica gel, wood products, non-woven fabrics, leather, cloth, stone, toys, CD, U disk and other material objects, soft objects, hard objects. Once the image is directly printed on the surface of the product with color patterns, LOGO, and characters, no need for plate making, film production, and screen printing. At the end of the cost, the effect is good. Welcome all the owners to come to the factory for field visits. Return fast! Efficient! Quality assurance equipment
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Contact:   Luo Ya Jian
Addr:        No. 31, upper wood North Road, Pinghu Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen (Southern China Town, 300 meters across the West Gate)