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In May 23, 1998, the world's first "hairdressing experience house designed for free customers to design their own image and free design, hair, make-up" for customers was opened in Baihua square, Foshan. Since then, the world has been born with a new experience of marketing and franchising.

The early development of popular beauty does not rely on strong advertising, but through rapid development of penetrating experience marketing. After experiencing the pleasure of confidence and beauty, customers will spread this feeling to their friends and relatives. When franchisees experience the joy of wealth and success, they will tell their feelings to their relatives and friends, which makes popular beauty a common experience paradise for franchisees and customers.

It can be said that experiential marketing has played a unique role in popular beauty. Its passion culture, service mode, cultural concept advocated and the spirit of continuous exploration and innovation are all important factors for it to become an industry leader.

Since its establishment, the popularity of beauty has always been the focus of attention from all sectors of the society and the public because of its unique business model and cultural concept. CCTV, Phoenix TV, Hunan TV, Nanjing TV, Hubei East TV, Fujian TV, Guangzhou daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Zhongshan daily, Guangzhou TV weekly, hope, beauty, Star Dress, eclipse, elegance, sales and market, new marketing, beautiful and healthy world, natural and beautiful, today's fashion, girlfriend, fashion, love girl, China, Ruili and many other multimedia active tracking interviews and reports. In March 2005, CCTV's two set of economic channel reporters went to Guangzhou to interview Lai Jianxiong, founder of Zhuhai, making a special report on "beautiful men's work". Professor Xiao Jianzhong of Beijing Normal University interviewed himself in pop beauty and took the popular beauty as an example to write a new mode of "experiential Marketing - popular beauty 10 times speed profit". Phoenix Chinese TV station interviewed Lai Sheng and interviewed him in January 2006. Lai Sheng was also invited by the Beijing Normal University and Zhongshan University to practice teaching on the topic of experiential marketing, and pop beauty became the pet of experiential marketing researchers.

In 2005, the popularity of beauty began to spread from the original word-of-mouth to the conscious propaganda of the media. In 2005, it collaborate with Hunan satellite TV's "Rose covenant" to promote the media throughout the year. In June, the "Rose covenant" was held in Zhuhai in June, and became the highlight of the media.

Following the cooperation with Zhicheng advertising agency, in 2006, the United States invited the international consultancy company of brand marketing, which was well known both at home and abroad, to enter the popular beauty, further enhancing the brand operation and publicity of the popular beauty. In order to enhance brand publicity, Fan Bingbing, a movie star, was invited to be the spokesperson for the image of the popular beauty.

In 2007, the first year of the five year plan of popular beauty was launched in 2007. In this year, it launched the new SI image at the terminal, upgraded its management internally, and invited famous consultants to enhance its brand building. In March, the exhibition was held in Beijing. The popular American brand has attracted more and more attention.

In October 8, 2007, the popular beauty applied for the successful adoption of the famous trademark of Guangzhou. In February 2008, it won the famous brand strategy award awarded by the Baiyun District Government of Guangzhou.

The year 2008 is the year of the popular beauty service. Achieving the annual target of 280 million will be the joint effort of all the popular beauties. Meanwhile, at the 10th anniversary celebration of the company, Li Dongtian, the famous stylist, signed up to become the popular beauty image consultant. The pop beauty and "ugly woman invincible" were put into advertising to cooperate with the Swedish brand "single ring".

In June 5th, the signing ceremony of investment and capital cooperation between the United States and Lenovo was formally held. It marks the most critical step in the development of standardized management, rapid development and listing.

From 1998 to 2008, popular beauty has developed into a famous brand of hairdressing industry through its special marketing mode, enterprising confidence and determination, excellent innovation ability, sincere cooperation between teams and passionate corporate culture. It has formed a large-scale chain industry integrating hair ornaments, cosmetics, hair products, production, logistics, marketing and after-sale services. As of April 2008, the popular beauty brand of Meishang has more than 1600 stores in 27 provinces, 4 municipalities and 399 cities, and Japan also has popular beauty stores.

With the coming of the wave of globalization, pop beauty, as an international chain brand, will surely make the lady of the world experience the beauty and happiness it brings.
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