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 Botou Hongchang Industrial Pump Factory Brand
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Botou Hongchang industrial pump factory, founded in 1992, integrates research, development, production, sales and service as an industrial pump professional enterprise.   宏昌工业泵厂产品种类规格齐全,性能稳定可靠,主要产品有KCB系列齿轮泵,KCB系列大流量齿轮油泵,KCG、2CG系列高温齿轮泵,LQB系列沥青保温齿轮泵,2CY系列齿轮泵,RCB系列保温齿轮泵,YCB、YHCB系列圆弧齿轮泵,RYF系列导热油泵,ZYB系列硬齿面渣油泵,FXA-FXB系列不锈钢外润滑齿轮泵,GWB系列外润滑渣油泵,NYP系列高粘度内齿泵,LC系列罗茨油泵,G系列单螺杆泵,2W.W系列密封型双螺杆泵,3G系列三螺杆泵,3RP系列凸轮转子泵,Y,AY系列单,两级离心油泵,LB系列冷冻机专用齿轮泵,DHB系列点火专用高压燃油泵,CYZ系列自吸式离心油泵,GBK系列化工离心泵,CZB,CZK系列化工离心泵,(IH)IS系列化(清水)工离心泵,CZW系列卧式离心泵,齿轮泵常用联轴器,齿轮泵装配电机,齿轮泵原装配件等。 Our products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, electric power, grain and oil, food, machinery, building materials, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, national defense and scientific research. In addition, our factory has a group of high-quality technicians, and has realized CAD, CAM, CAXA, PorE computer aided design and information management. At the same time, we have introduced advanced technology from developed countries such as Germany and Japan. We can develop and design gear pump products with special requirements according to the needs of users. At the same time, we provide technical advice to customers and solve related problems. Our factory has always pursued the tenet of "relying on quality and reputation, relying on scientific and technological products for development". We serve the customers with high quality products, perfect service and good reputation. We regard quality as life and regard the actual interests of our customers and our long-term development as one. Over the years, our factory has done every job steadfastly and has won the trust of our customers step by step. At present, our factory dedicate itself to the industry and contribute to the society with the high standard product quality, the real preferential price and the comprehensive and thoughtful after-sales service. We are willing to work together with all the merchants and units to develop together and create brilliance together.
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