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Lei Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional design, development and manufacturer of vibration machinery. Carry forward leading technology, technological innovation, and create personalized equipment for customers with advanced design level. Many famous enterprises, equipped with the production system of Lei Cheng personalized screening machine, are more efficient and reliable, and produce higher quality products with higher efficiency. In addition to the high quality LC series vibration sieves, filters, LCC series ultrasonic sieves, LC200 CNC standard inspection sieves, LCX series lower screen are all the latest patent products for modern high-tech enterprises. Lei Cheng is aiming at technological innovation as the guide, pursuing the individuation and specialization of products. Sincere and considerate service makes you worry free. It is our business objective to "improve our faith and keep our company in good faith." The unusual team, the unique design, the 100% quality, manifest the strength, displays the natural excellence.
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Addr:   [db: province]   [db: city]   No. 461 Jinsui Avenue, Xinxiang, Henan