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Shanghai Xin Ye clothing accessories Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, is a production and sales of garment accessories company. Main hot drill, octagonal, aluminum hotplate, resin scalding, copper, all kinds of heat transfer manual hot stamping, hot drill color, quality is complete, including SWAROVSKI, Czech drill, imitation Czech drill, Korean drill, imitation Han drill, domestic double-sided drill. Satin ribbons, thread ribbons, all kinds of printed ribbons for gift packaging, garment decoration, 153 kinds of colors, convenient sampling, and various kinds of bow tie can be customized by hand. Our company has established good cooperation with many factories, and also engaged in all kinds of accessories such as hand sewing sequins, glass beads, acrylic buttons, resin buttons, clothing shoes and hats and other decorative accessories, as well as high temperature resistant and water washed PET environmental protection sequins. The company has its own professional graphic design capabilities, product development and production capacity, is committed to providing customers with convenient, fast accessories supply chain, can directly open value-added tax invoices. New and old customers are welcome to inquire. Customer: every friend in the clothing industry knows that purchasing accessories, especially purchasing accessories that are not contacted, is a complicated and troublesome job. From the proofing to the ordering of large goods, we have to do a lot of work. If the supplier is in stock, the salesmen are well served and well coordinated, and they may finish the whole purchase smoothly, otherwise, it will be very troublesome and annoying. Although our warehouse has a large part of the product inventory and the necessary processing equipment, but in actual transactions, it may still not meet all the needs of customers. In this case, we can not guarantee that we can not pay the goods within a few days. I think it is not very responsible for any excipient to say such a thing. Excipient production has its particularity. We can say frankly that delayed delivery is sometimes unavoidable. The delay in delivery and delivery dates agreed with our guests is unavoidable in our work. I think our principle is: no matter who is responsible, first solve the problem and then look into the responsibility. We always believe that helping customers solve problems first is always more important than responsibility. Our continuous efforts and continuous progress all hope to bring convenience to our customers.
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Contact:   Biao Li
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