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 Suzhou double happiness anime cartoon dress Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Suzhou double joy anime cartoon Clothing Co., Ltd. specializes in designing, making, selling, selling cartoon costumes, performing costumes, walking cartoon dolls, cartoon costumes, and having a group of excellent designers and high-quality managers in this clothing factory. In addition, our clothing factory has trained skilled sewing workers and hand-made workers to create the most professional and comprehensive cartoon costume puppet production base in China.

And our cartoon products are lively and lovely in shape. In terms of quality, it is highly skilled, exquisite craftsmanship, and good handle. The cartoon dolls worn by people are characterized by good air permeability, clear line of vision and easy cleaning. The doll clothing can be worn on the body, eyes can be seen outside and can walk freely in the crowd. The performance is vivid, interesting, lively and lovely. There are many joyful atmospheres for various holidays. Nowadays cartoon doll has become a fashion, everywhere, such as opening, ribbon cutting, anniversary celebration, annual meeting, celebration, signing, new product listing, wedding service, commodity promotion, enterprise publicity, various exhibitions, art festivals, exhibitions, advertisements and all kinds of social activities. The cartoon dolls mainly create a festive atmosphere for the program. With the opening of the Disneyland in Hongkong, the lovely cartoon doll appears again in the eyes of friends from all over the world: the lively and beautiful Mickey Mouse, the innocent Vigny bear, the God of wealth, the golden boy who greet the Spring Festival, and the cartoon dolls of all kinds of bees and dwarfs will bring you unexpected surprises. Let your childish heart reappear, let you immerse in the beautiful and moving fairy tale world! Popularity and praise! No matter children, adults or old people, they will be reluctant to part for its naive appearance. They will shake hands happily and win the attention of guests. Many companies use our cartoon people to gain a lot in market development. In addition, many animal models in the stage play have also achieved good results in the performance.

The cartoon doll clothing is very vivid and attractive. Investment cartoon dolls are mainly less investment, flexible working hours, full time and part-time jobs. Whether you are making appliances, making food, making clothes, making medicine, making gifts, advertising companies, doing part-time jobs or starting your own business, this is a good investment project.

In order to create a reputation for their products, businesses will come up with various kinds of flowers to attract consumers' eyeballs. A product is mainly understood by consumers, that is, consumers' interest in products. Then you will know the benefits and benefits of the product there. How can we attract the attention of consumers? In this respect, our products can help you relax your worries. The products of our company are attractive on the surface first, no matter men, women, and children. The height of the cartoon doll is about 2 meters, and the color is bright. Children usually play with smaller plush toys. They have never seen such big and beautiful toys. They are only seen on TV. So people see such tall, beautiful, exaggerated dolls will smile. Everyone has an interest to get in touch with the doll. Moreover, the doll looks very lovely, kind, beautiful, looks very pure, everyone likes good things. So the cartoon doll clothing is your best choice. In order to expand the scope of business, we should establish friendly ties with the company and individuals and create a win-win situation. If you want to organize a cartoon doll show, you are welcome to contact us any time. We will do the best in the spirit of sincerity, faith and strength. All services will sign a good faith contract with the company to ensure mutual benefit and maintain long-term good cooperation.

The scope of application of cartoon doll service is:

1. Exhibitions and fairs of various business activities

2. Publicity, promotion and opening ceremonies of enterprises and shopping malls.

3, entertainment venues, theme parks publicity and entertainment activities

4, all kinds of big parties, weddings, birthday parties, sports meetings, carnivals.

5, public welfare activities of government departments

Main business:

1, design and make various cartoon walking dolls, cartoon costumes, plush doll performances costumes, COSPLAY clothing and children's animal show costume.

2. Welcome to the LOGO mascot model template to customize the cartoon walking puppet costume. The height can be customized according to the size.

3, the company has hundreds of styles for customers to choose. You can choose your favorite products on the list of our websites, or you can send your creative unique pictures, make them according to your pictures, and adjust them according to your requirements until you are satisfied.

4. rental: take days as the unit of calculation.

5. undertake all kinds of animation costumes and cloth velvet animation products, for the national consignment shipments.
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