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 Shishi Shang Shang shoes Brand
Business Model
Http://shop1411404346182.1688.com our long-term wholesale stock sports shoes, children's shoes, slippers and other footwear products; there are domestic first-line brands, specialized export of foreign trade shoes; the company has well-equipped, development proofing room, production line, long term order production; I support the wholesale, order, agency, distribution and other modes, welcome new and old customers to visit!

Children's shoes: 9-28 yuan for children's shoes, 19-38 yuan for children's shoes.
Sports shoes: mixed sports shoes are 13-28 yuan, and the whole sneakers are 21-68 yuan.
Outdoor shoes: 24-29 yuan for outdoor shoes, 40-90 yuan for outdoor shoes.
Slippers: flip flops 2.8-6 yuan, garden shoes 3.5-7 yuan, cold towing 9-18 yuan;
This is the base price, the specific price can contact us for details.

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Tel: 13489861060
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Distributors / agents, providing a distributor with professional data packets and good performance, can enjoy more benefits from the company (including discounts for distribution, free promotion, free activities, etc.), and let distribution / agents operate more easily and conveniently. This is our aim. Http://
Distributors / agents join QQ:455894747, join us and create a dream together!
Main Products
Sports shoes, children's shoes, casual shoes, slippers, outdoor shoes
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Contact:   Pan Xiao Dao
Addr:   Fujian   Quanzhou   Chi Dian Town, Jinjiang City, Quanzhou, Fujian