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 Yaljie knitted underwear Brand
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Yaljie Underwear Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of women's underwear for many years. The company has advanced production lines, and the introduction of foreign advanced garment equipment and computer embroidery machines. The products are sold to two major brands at home and abroad, and are trusted by consumers. Yaljie Underwear Co., Ltd., based on the belief that "all women truly possess beauty", adhering to the "integrity, pragmatism, pioneering and innovation" business purpose, is committed to the development and development of new products, and put them on the market with new, beautiful, comfortable, fashionable, natural and practical products. Yaljie enterprises, with the development trend of market economy as the purpose of development, provides quality and excellent services, and is highly respected by the industry and deeply trusted by consumers. Yaljie Underwear Co., Ltd. has established and improved the chain and monopoly system, so that its products continue to expand and occupy the market share. The outstanding achievements and the company's development have confirmed the company's belief. Over the years, the products have been sold in various markets at home and abroad. Telephone: 0661-4481096 4490010 Fax: 0661-4472638 mobile phone: 13822881160 business telephone: 13536912129: zip code: 515152
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Addr:   Guangdong   Shantou   South District of Chen Dian Xi Nan Road, Chaoyang District