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Business Model
Our website ( is based on the wholesale clothing market in Sijiqing, Hangzhou, which is a large garment wholesale and distribution platform jointly established by many garment manufacturers and clothing brands. The rich merchandise is the ideal channel for clothing purchase. We are committed to fully integrating the rich clothing resources in the Yangtze River Delta through the advanced Internet platform, reducing circulation links, and providing inexpensive clothing source and clothing wholesale chain brand for clothing retailers and Online Shop agents across the country.
Yi Shang pin follows the principle of "latest style, quality assurance and reasonable price". The age of all brands is between 18 and 40 years old, OL and working-class consumption level. This concept is in line with the characteristics of the current women's clothing Market: consumption tends to be rational, fashion changes faster, and single clothes wear less frequently. Therefore, women who advocate the new life concept need a brand that is "good style, good quality, high price and more choices". PS: all brands of this network are complete in three standards; original authentic products.
Yi Shang Shang clothing wholesale platform for different stores, franchisees, network agents, chain stores and brand franchise stores to provide different grades of clothing, in order to facilitate customers in the market better choice. Our entity wholesale business covers nearly thirty provinces and autonomous regions in China, with franchised stores, shopping malls and large domestic wholesale markets. Product network sales (shop) covers Taobao, pat, eBay, Baidu, etc. So far, we have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with hundreds of garment manufacturers and apparel Brand Company in the Yangtze River Delta. The website will have more than 1000 kinds of styles every year, with stable supply, and new products every week. It is the best clothing supplier of wholesalers, boutiques and online stores at home and abroad. We are making every effort to build the best brand of domestic online and offline clothing with the best products, the lowest price and the best service.
For a long time, our clothing is based on honesty and sincerity, with customer satisfaction one hundred percent as our service. We sincerely offer the best brand sourcing to all garment distributors across the country, and look forward to establishing a long-term and win-win cooperation relationship with you.
Yi Shang Shang is located in the largest e-commerce circle in China, IT Park, Binjiang, Hangzhou (adjacent to Alibaba and NetEase's coda investment building). All agents are welcome to visit our company. We sincerely offer you more satisfactory services for your esteemed customers. We sincerely expect you to continue to give your attention, support and patronage.
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