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 French cock (China Limited) Brand
Business Model
In 1978, KBS was founded by Cabins, a famous French fashion designer, in Paris. The founder created KBS with the spirit of self challenge, "do not do, do, do the best", and this lineage runs through every aspect of KBS clothing design. KBS, with its cutting-edge fashion style, is highly sought after by fashion people all over the world.

KBS is both a self challenger and a fashion player. KBS is to regard self challenge as "play", integrate pleasure into challenge, and enjoy pleasure from challenge.

KBS has drawn inspiration from the long history of sports. With unparalleled innovation consciousness and global vision across borders, it has perfectly blended the essence of the world's avant garde culture, symbolizing individual expression and self deduction, with the sport classics, thus presenting a unique visual impact and wearing experience. Its eternal inspiration will continue to be shared with more people who love fashion.

historical origin

In 1978, under the guidance of the famous designer Kempins (Cabins), KBS became famous after fashion show and attracted great attention and love.

In the spring of 1981, the KBS brand internationalization route was officially launched. Kempins (Cabins) Co operated with the famous Korean designer, Park Chung Chi, to launch the Asia Pacific business. This combination of French romance and Korean exquisite and elegant brand has once again become the focus of attention, and has created a wide range of personalized space for the trend makers.

With the development of KBS, its products are loved by more and more people. In 1981, South Korea officially launched the Asia Pacific Business and launched a comprehensive market network. After its rapid development in the Asia Pacific region, KBS footprint has been widely spread in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore and other places, and has won wide recognition and popularity of local fashionable young men and women.

In 2006, red sun (Fujian) Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. and France headquarters reached an agreement to act as agent for KBS brand Greater China market. Since its entry into the Chinese market, it has developed rapidly. The first store has successfully settled in Shanghai, and then stores, special offices and special counters have been set up in major cities throughout the country. I believe that this brand with a long history and outstanding philosophy will surely create a fashionable hurricane in China.
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Addr:   Fujian   stone lion   New style mansion, Yu Pu Industrial Zone, Shishi, Fujian