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Haikou tuanshun transportation facilities Co., Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the design, development and construction of parking lot traffic, road traffic safety facilities and other related products. The company constantly introduces advanced technology at home and abroad, actively tap the market and company potential, widely accept good policies, so that the company is growing. "Tu'anshun" products have established a good reputation with the advantages of self-produced and self-sale, high quality, low price, excellent equipment and efficient service, which are based in Hainan and face the whole country. we strictly optimize the work of design, development, production, sales and service departments, so that customers can get affordable quality service. Our company has advanced scientific research, production, testing equipment and well-trained staff, strict implementation of ISO9001, ISO2000 quality assurance system, the existing Professor engineer and development technical personnel 20 people, more than 200 employees, the factory all kinds of machinery and equipment is complete, has a variety of plate shears, bending machines, punching machines, argon arc welding machines, pipe cutting machines, drilling machines, marking machines, and professional counterparts It has formed a professional factory which independently develops and develops all kinds of traffic parking equipment. relying on its strong talent advantages and excellent cooperation groups, the company is committed to developing and selling a series of safety facilities in the field of traffic parking. It undertakes the traffic parking facilities projects in residential areas, enterprises and institutions in the country. Its main products include: parking lock, parking intelligent management system, traffic signs, rubber speed bumps, rubber warning posts, PVC flexible columns, rubber reflective wall corners, etc Rubber reflective road cones, column delineators, reflective spikes, solar spikes, reflectors, anti-collision bucket, water horse, iron horse, wheel lock, guard post, guard fence, wheel stop bar, roadside slope, road gate, sentry box, etc. the company provides the best solutions and products for customers with leading technology and pragmatic service. ordinary and natural color, competition to create benefits, the pursuit of perfect service, take off down-to-earth, drink water to think of the source, is willing to walk with you, often companion, for your business to add a green leaf, for your development add a cushion stone, hope "road Anshun" service get your favor, welcome to visit guidance. national unified telephone: 0898-65875054 Fax: 0898-65875054 mobile phone on duty: 18876695303 QQ: 969692185 1935711460 email: tsjtss @ 126. Com website: contact person: Mr. Pang, Miss Pan address: Room 411, training building, Fengxiang Road, Fucheng Town, Haikou City
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Contact:   Xiaojiang
Addr:        Training building on the south side of Fengxiang Road, Fucheng Town, Haikou, Hainan