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Jinan Xinyitong textile and Garment Co., Ltd. is a set of clothing and fabric production, sales as one of the enterprises. The company has abundant funds, professional technical force, and the sales team is capable of undertaking the development, design and processing of various fabrics and clothing. It mainly deals in multi-functional clothing, training clothing and fabrics (logo clothing), spring and autumn clothing fabrics (wool polyester single-sided gabardine), winter wear fabrics (wool polyester Satin Serge). Australian original wool top and Shanghai polyester sliver are used as raw materials, which are processed and produced by series of textile dyeing and finishing equipment in Japan and Italy. New functional fibers such as conductive fiber, radiation proof fiber and biodegradable fiber are added scientifically according to different clothing requirements. In the dyeing and finishing process, the non-toxic green dyes imported from Germany were selected and tested by Shandong Provincial Fiber Inspection Institute. The color is firm and the clothes are safe. In the tide of reform and development, the company is determined to forge ahead, adhere to the contract and abide by the credibility, adhere to the textile and clothing related business as the company hair
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Contact:   Ren Kecheng
Addr:        Room 1205, wisdom building, 39 Honglou West Road, Jinan