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Yantai double steel shelf Co., Ltd. is a professional production, design, installation of all kinds of supermarket shelves, storage shelves, angle steel shelves, medicine shelves, bookshelves, clothes racks, clothes hangers and other products, can be customized according to your different needs, and provide you with consulting; door-to-door design; delivery and installation services, the company's various shelves, with excellent quality With unique design, real price, novel and fashionable style, it has pressure resistance and strong bearing capacity, which is favored by users. The company's service tenet: "for the customer's thinking, that is, the customer's use. As long as the customer can think of it, the company can do it! " For your business, for your goods have a better display effect, please quickly with our company
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Contact:   Manager Sun
Addr:        No.1-084 Qianjin Road, Zhifu District, Yantai City