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Dongguan Chunliang Technological Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. It is dedicated to the research, development, production and sale of night-light materials, night-light patented products, luminous materials, silica gel functional materials and plastic accessories. Our slogan is: "I bring you light in the dark, we will brighten the world together!" At present, Chunliang Noctilucent Powder, Pearlescent Powder, Allium Powder, Reflective Powder, Energy Powder, Anti-counterfeiting Phosphor, Flash Powder, Negative Ion Powder, Fluorescent Pigment serve many crafts factories around the world, Silk Printing Factory, Toy Factory, Silica Gel Bracelet Factory, Plastic Factory, Pigment Factory, Paint Factory, Ink Paint Factory, Ceramics Factory, Home Appliances Factory.... I. Chunliang Luminescent Materials and Flash Materials Series: 1. Environmental-friendly long-lasting luminous powder (rare earth luminous powder, long afterglow luminous powder), color luminous powder, short-acting luminous powder (zinc sulfide luminous powder), yellow-green luminous powder, blue-green luminous powder, Tianlan luminous powder, orange luminous powder, red luminous powder, waterproof luminous powder, noctilucent powder for injection moulding, and noctilucent particles; (10-500 eyes, 5-500 UM) 2. Silver-white pearlescent powder, golden pearlescent powder, phantom pearlescent powder, color pearlescent powder, mica iron metal pearlescent powder; (60-1200 mesh) 3. Heat-resistant and solvent-resistant gold onion powder, silver onion powder, seven-color sequins, laser flash powder, gold dots, silver dots, temperature-resistant 70-270 degrees, widely used in Christmas crafts, spring couplets, full-color, various specifications (0.1-3MM, 1/256-1/8) 4. ND2.2, 1.93 High Refractive Index White Reflective Powder and Silver Grey Reflective Powder are specially used in Reflective Film, Reflective Cloth, Reflective Clothing, Reflective Road Sign, Reflective Coatings and Reflective Ink. The specifications are 150-600 meshes. 5. Silicone Hand Ring Energy Powder and Anion Powder with Various Contents: Bright Energy Powder with High Anion Content can improve air quality, sterilize and deodorize, and promote human blood circulation. 6. High-quality anti-counterfeiting phosphors and fluorescent pigments 2. Bright Nightlight Patented Products: 1. Noctilucent ashtray: Noctilucent crystal ashtray, noctilucent glass ashtray, promotional ashtray, gift ashtray, gift ashtray; 2. Noctilucent glass: Noctilucent red wine cup, Noctilucent white wine cup, Noctilucent beer cup, Noctilucent brandy cup, Noctilucent fruit juice cup, Noctilucent crystal cup, Noctilucent glass... All products in Dongguan Chunliang Night Light World can automatically absorb natural light, sunlight or light for 3-20 minutes, and automatically emit green, blue, orange and other magnificent and charming lights in the dark. The luminous time is 6-15 hours, and can be recycled for more than 15 years. It is a good product for you to enjoy romance and give gifts to relatives and friends. Noctilucent cup patent number: ZL 200720119704.6 noctilucent picture utensils patent number: ZL 200720171137.9 counterfeiting must be investigated! Bright Nightlight World products exclusive production, market potential is huge, sincerely recruit distributors in all provinces and cities! National Unified Service Hotline: 4000883168 Address of Dongguan Head Company: 5-122 Pavement of Camphor Oasis in Zhangmu Town and Bai Area, Dongguan City Tel: 0769-87123334, fax: 0769-87123335
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