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Mink is known as the "king of fur". Mink is a kind of fine fur, with fine leather, soft and strong, plush and lustrous. Mink is classified as the top grade of high-grade leather garment because of its gorgeous beauty and strong warmth retention. Mink belongs to mammals, carnivores and weasels in animal taxonomy. In the wild, there are American minks and European minks. At present, all the world's mink breeders are descendants of American and European minks. 99% of the mink garments we see are artificially raised. The advantage of artificial breeding is that mink skins are rarely disabled. Mink skins are of average size, average thickness, uniform distribution of fur and small color difference after ripening. In addition, there are considerable differences between the fur of male and female minks. The male mink has a large and thick fur, which is weighty to wear, while the female mink is softer and lighter to wear, with more dosage. Among them, the female mink has narrower and smaller body, shorter hair, dense and light capillary, long and lustrous surface hair, and the finished product is more precious. As for the male mink and the female mink, generally speaking, the female mink is better, but it still needs to be selected according to the preference and design of the purchaser. There are more than 15 kinds of mink skin, among which the most popular are: Ben Black Mink, Brown Brown Mink, Brown Black Mink, Coffee Mink, Silver Grey Mink, Pearl Mink, White Mink, Black Cross Mink.
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