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EHSY Western Regions - Industrial Products Daquan Address: Xiyu Building, No. 1 Meisheng Road, Shanghai Free Trade Experimental Area, China Zip code: 200131 Tel: 400-821-8800, 86-21-68619100 Fax: 400-880-8812, 86-21-68619103 Website: EHSY Western Regions is WESTINGAREA, an investment company registered in Hong Kong, China. It was established in Shanghai, China, in May 2004. Relying on WESTINGAREA's mature supply chain system, professional background and capital backing, EHSY Western Regions provides millions of MRO industrial products, instruments and instruments to customers in China, and develops leasing business for most of the above products. The Fortune Global 500 and China's well-known local enterprises have become important customers of EHSY in the Western Regions. Our strengths: * Millions of continuously improved quality MRO industrial products, instrumentation products for your choice, and have a reasonable inventory. * 1200 pages of product selection manual are parallel with large database website, which is convenient for you to find what you need. * Centralized in Shanghai, hundreds of professional customer service engineers provide you with professional and patient product selection services. * Hundreds of senior industrial MRO, laboratory equipment professional and technical personnel, efficient integration of EHSY Western Region product resources, you can provide a full set: MRO outsourcing. Laboratory scheme design and equipment optimization configuration procurement scheme. * Warehousing and Delivery Centers located in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou ensure reliable and timely delivery of your orders, and will gradually establish warehousing and delivery centers in other central industrial cities in China to serve you. * Located in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China, the bonded warehouse with an area of more than 5,000 square meters is ready to provide you with imported equipment and spare parts services, so as to facilitate your duty-free transactions. * Continuously improve the ERP and internal supply chain information processing platform to ensure that orders and customer needs are handled accurately and efficiently. * We can provide customers with product installation, commissioning and after-sales service in any area (some on-site installation may involve fee service). * EHSY Western China Customer Relations Management Team, relying on CRM (Customer Relations Management) system, responds to your after-sales needs or complaints as soon as possible, and pays attention to customer experience and satisfaction. * Well-known hotels in cities throughout the country regularly tour customer care and listen to your opinions. * The trusted partners of the Top 500 deserve your attention. * If you want to know more, please call EHSY Western Regions or e-mail for consultation, marketing_ (If you need to use this email, please replace "" with "@".
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Contact:   Zheng Xin Tian
Addr:       Xiyu Building, No. 1 Meisheng Road, Shanghai Pudong Free Trade Pilot Area