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Shanghai Tongyu Textile Co., Ltd. Brand
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Shanghai Tongyu Textiles is located in Gaoyang County, Baoding, Hebei Province. It produces high-quality and low-cost home textiles. 1. Beach towel series: 10 yarn-cut printing beach towels, 21 yarn-cut printing beach towels, paint-printed beach towels, active printing beach towels, jacquard-cut velvet beach towels, ultra-fine fibre reactive printing beach towels, ultra-fine fibre coating printing beach towels, ultra-fine fibre heat transfer printing beach towels, etc. 2. Tea towel/kitchen towel series: Plaid tea towel, honeycomb tea towel, Embroidered Tea towel, waffle tea towel, printed tea towel, lattice kitchen towel, honeycomb kitchen towel, embroidered kitchen towel, waffle kitchen towel, printed kitchen towel, ultra-fine fiber printed tea towel, ultra-fine fiber Embroidered Tea towel, polyester-cotton tea towel and cotton tea towel. 3, bath towel series: 14 weak twist jacquard towels, 21 plain jacquard velvet cut embroidery towels, 10 plain jacquard velvet cut embroidery towels, plain weave towels, multi-arm broken towels, embroidered towels, printed bath towels, etc. 4, towel series: gift towels, bath towels, Hotel towels, labor towels, children's towels, embroidered towels, printed towels, cut towels, ultra-fine fiber towels, etc. 5. Bedding: cotton towel quilt, warp-knitted printed towel quilt, polyester blanket, Raschel blanket, children's blanket, cloud blanket, etc. Our products are abundant, the price is reasonable and the quality is excellent. Welcome to contact us.
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Contact:   Dong Liu Dong
Addr:       Gaoyang County Industrial Zone, Baoding, Hebei Province